ATC 0402 WL Series Inductors

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Inductance and Q vs. Frequency

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Description ATC Catalog
Part Number
0402WL1R0 0402 WW 1nH 0402WL100 0402 WW 10nH
0402WL2R0 0402 WW 2nH 0402WL110 0402 WW 11nH
0402WL2R2 0402 WW 2.2nH 0402WL120 0402 WW 12nH
0402WL3R3 0402 WW 3.3nH 0402WL150 0402 WW 15nH
0402WL3R6 0402 WW 3.6nH 0402WL190 0402 WW 19nH
0402WL3R9 0402 WW 3.9nH 0402WL230 0402 WW 23nH
0402WL5R1 0402 WW 5.1nH 0402WL270 0402 WW 27nH
0402WL5R6 0402 WW 5.6nH 0402WL360 0402 WW 36nH
0402WL6R2 0402 WW 6.2nH 0402WL400 0402 WW 40nH
0402WL7R5 0402 WW 7.5nH 0402WL470 0402 WW 47nH
0402WL8R2 0402 WW 8.2nH 0402WL560 0402 WW 56nH
0402WL9R0 0402 WW 9nH    

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