ATC // AVX assembly begins with high-precision pick-and-place of surface mount devices 0201 and larger including CSPs, μBGAs, flip-chips, ultra-fine-pitch [.012" (0.3 mm) lead pitch] QFPs and irregularly shaped components requiring ± .0005"
(± .0125 mm) placement accuracy

Die attach includes:

  • Adhesive die attach – electrically / thermally conductive or electrically insulating epoxies
  • Solder Die attach – lead or lead free for example, Sn63/Pb, 95Pb-5Sn, 80Au-20Sn, 88Pb, SAC305
  • Wire/Ribbon Bonding – automated ball and wedge bonding, ribbon / wedge bonding and gold stud bumping


  • Includes polymers, hermetic and non-hermetic structures and in-house fabricated ceramic enclosures.

Additional assembly processes:

  • Screen and stencil printing
  • Automated dispensing
    ( >7 mil diameter dots and lines)
  • Parallel gap welding
  • Solder tinning
  • Via plugging (gold paste/epoxies)
  • Solder mask application
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